Thursday, May 04, 2006

What is up?

Today, while outdoors, my neighbor walked by with her dog. Once the dog finished what dogs do and my neighbor cleaned up, I offered my garbage can, right there awaiting pickup, as a depository. She politely declined, saying she didn't mind. She didn't mind carrying a bag of dog droppings. This made me wonder why people refuse offers of help. Is it independance? Or is it independance? Once I took a meal to a family whose father was laid up. The wife turned me away at the door, saying she didn't need the meal and cooking was relaxing for her. I, too, have refused kind offers, though not in the same arena as the above. What is up with us. Do we not want to be indebted to others, do we feel to need is to be weak? Well, how about the truth? We are all in need, all sinners-see the bible for that one. We are all in need of help; to merely breathe each day a helpful gift from God.
From now on, I am going to try to think before I refuse an offer of help.